4BY4 - Percussion Quartet (2012)

4BY4 brings together four multi-percussionists, playing different pods of instruments, into one tribally energetic jam session that pushes the players to the edge of musical and physical possibility. Everybody has a kick drum, which solidifies the underlying pulse and cements the parts of each player as they're playing their own polyrhythmic grooves.

Difficulty: Advanced +

Duration: 8:15


  • Player 1: Kick Drum, Toms (4), China Cymbal

  • Player 2: Kick Drum, Congas (2), Hi Hat

  • Player 3: Kick Drum, Snare Drums (2), Hi Hat, Tambourine, Crash Cymbal

  • Player 4: Kick Drum, Toms (4), Hi Hat, Splash Cymbal 

Score available here - 4BY4 SCORE

Check it out on iTunes - 4BY4 on Gaia Theory