Mentacide - Solo Snare Drum and Digital Audio (2018)


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Notes coming - but in the meantime;

In my computer rendering the piccolo snare drum sounds very high, certainly higher than a standard piccolo concert snare drum tuning scheme. These are the samples i fell in love with when writing the piece. 

This sound is possible to achieve on a piccolo concert snare drum, it would just require re-tuning the drum. Once the sticks come in, the sample almost sounds like a popcorn snare. Here's a video of a popcorn snare drum (this one is tuned a bit lower than usual):

The sounds in my MIDI renderings are usually the exact sounds Iā€™d prefer, so I would suggest either tuning up a piccolo concert snare drum, or using a piccolo drum set snare drum (which tend to be smaller than concert piccolo snares).