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One Study One Summary - Martin Grubinger

Everything, except Mezzoforte! Already as a little boy Martin Grubinger decided for his instrument. No wonder his father was a drum teacher at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. Grubinger jun. from the school to devote himself exclusively to music. He practiced for up to ten hours a day, training his physical fitness like a high-performance athlete.
With similar seriousness Grubinger also tackles challenges off stage: for example, his role as host of the music magazine "KlickKlack" on Bavarian TV. As the husband of a Turkish pianist, he is also involved in the fight against racism and xenophobia; And are not you afraid of a concert cancellation if the socio-political circumstances at the venue are intolerable? - that's what happened in Carinthia 2010.
Martin Grubinger stands for musical diversity. He has recorded a CD with monks from an Austrian Benedictine abbey and lures young people all over the world to the concert halls with Brazilian samba lenghts or taiko drumming from Asia. In addition, he has expanded the repertoire for his instrument by important works by commissioned compositions to Friedrich Cerha and Tan Dun.

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