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Alexej Gerassimez & Percussion Group in Dusseldorf

  • Tonhalle Duseldorff Germany (map)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 20:00 clock

Tonhalle Dusseldorf , Ehrenhof 1 ConcertCash, 40479 Dusseldorf

With his Percussion Group - consisting of Lukas Böhm, Richard Putz, Sergey Mikhaylenko and Julius Heise - integrates Gerassimez in addition to the usual Schlagund melody instruments and objects from actually music distant contexts, such. Cooking pots and pails, newspaper, pebbles and keychains. As a musician, he is as versatile as his instruments. The new program unfolds a virtuoso and multi-layered panorama from silence over sound surfaces to complex compositions. In their concert dramaturgy, the percussionists take the listener on a voyage of discovery through elemental primal rhythms, Latin American and jazzy grooves, minimalistic dubstep as well as polyrhythmic, but also baroque, filigree and romantic playfulness. The evening lives on the fast pacing of different ensembles - solo, Duo, trio, quartet, quintet - and not least a sophisticated interaction with the audience. Acoustic and visual stimuli combine to form a colorful, archaic and highly complex coexistence of sound and visual movement.

Works by Alexej Gerassimez as well as Casey Cangelosi, Minoru Miki, John Psathas and others will be on show

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