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Screening of 'White Lies' film on Canal 22 Mexico


As a result of the process of colonization of New Zealand, the massacre of a Maori tribe perpetrated by British foreigners takes place. Of that tragedy, only one girl survives, Paraiti, who years later will become a healer and midwife, despite the fact that the law has imposed Western medicine over traditional medicine.

After the death of a woman and her son when giving birth, Paraiti, refuses to return to assist a pregnant woman, until it is sought by Maraea, the Maori employee (who denies its roots) of Rebecca Vickers, wife of a wealthy businessman, for whom it is essential to abort. Although her pregnancy is the product of infidelity, it will not be the only motive that motivates her to act.

While the task of ending the pregnancy passes, the coexistence between Paraiti, Maraea and Rebecca will bring to the surface lies that expose racial, moral and cultural conflicts, and among all this, the freedom to choose.

Note that this film based on the novel Medicine Woman by Witi Ihimaera.


About the director

Dana Rotberg

Director, scriptwriter and Mexican producer. His relationship with the cinema began when, after leaving his university career, he joined the Research Department of the National Cinematheque and in 1982 he entered the Cinematographic Training Center (CCC). In 1985 he made, along with Ana Diez Díaz, his first film, the documentary titled Elvira Luz Cruz: maximum sentence (1985). He later directed Intimacy (1991) and Angel of Fire (1992), the latter inaugurated the Directors' Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival, where other films such as Man, God and the Monster (1994) and The Circle have also participated. perfect (1997). His film Otilia Rauda (2001), was also awarded Best Screenplay at the Sundance / NHK Filmmaker's Award.


Data sheet

White Lies

Original title: White Lies

New Zealand, 2013

Director: Dana Rotberg

Screenplay: Dana Rotberg, Witi Ihimaera based on the Witi Ihimaera novel Medicine Woman)

Music: John Psathas

Photography: Alun Bollinger

Cast: Whirimako Black, Antonia Prebble, Rachel House, Nancy Brunning, Te Waimarie Kessell, Kohuorangi Ta Whara and Elizabeth Hawthorne