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ArcaSōnica perform Island Songs in Veracruz

  • Theater Francisco J. Headstock 166 Emparan VER 91700 Mexico (map)

ArcaSōnica returns to Veracruz this June 8 with an exciting program with music from New Zealand, Argentina and Mexico


About this Event

This is a program with music from different corners of the planet for string quartet and trio of piano and strings.

Our program starts with premieres from New Zealand. Wood: strings: hammers: flesh is not your typical piece for trio. Marvel at the amount of different rhythms and sounds that the knuckles, fingers and palms of our members produce by percussing the bodies of the violin, cello and the piano. The first half ends with Island Songs by John Psathas. These songs are the composer's reactions to certain Greek dances. Let yourself be carried away by the intense emotional content and the contagious energy of this music.

Opening the second Tenebrae by the Argentine composer Osvaldo Golijov. Immerse yourself in the sonorities of the string quartet and transpose yourself to outer space, orbiting slowly and serenely and being captivated by the serene beauty of the earth from space.

The program closes with 2 works by Mexican composers. Lío de 4 by Gabriela Ortíz, as its title indicates, is an intricate, rhythmic and fun mess of only 5 minutes. The program ends with Voladores de Papantla by Juan Pablo Contreras, which is a musicalization of this ritual. The piece transports you to the center of this ancient ritual and will make you feel as if you were one of the fliers, dancing, climbing the post and venting into space.

Come to our concert to listen to this incredible program.

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Violins: Alejandro Larumbe, Amelia Taylor

Viola: Gwendolyn Matias-Ryan

Cello: Wesley Hornpetrie

Piano: Evan Hines