Intro Interview

This is an audio interview conducted by Gareth Watkins. In it I discuss inspiration, confidence, and core issues facing a composer today. The image is a photo of me in my studio taken by Sheree Willman.



Interview on No Man's Land 

The No Man’s Land Project is an 80-minute live cinematic concert, a deeply moving multi-media work that spans generations, continents, cultures and beliefs, and reflects on the devastating impact and futility of war. The No Man’s Land Project was premiered as a centrepiece of New Zealand’s First World War commemorations in 2016. Here I talk about how this complex and immersive work was brought to life.


View From Olympus Trailer

View From Olympus Trailer (and then in the View From Olympus Documentary)

Trailer for Feature length documentary by Geoffrey Cawthorne and Richard Riddiford. The film covers approximately one year of my life and music.



Interview with Serj Tankian

Serj and I meet for the first time at the first rehearsal of Elect the Dead Symphony with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra




View From Olympus Documentary

Feature length documentary by Geoofrey Cawthorne and Richard Riddiford. The film covers approximately one year of my life and music. Shown in six parts:



The Little Bushman Documentary

The Gravy's special episode on the collaboration between Wellington group Little Bushman and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. Featuring Warren Maxwell (vocals, keyboard, sax, guitar, harmonica), Rick Cranson (drums), Joe Callwood (guitars), Tom Callwood (bass, violin). Conducted by Hamish McKeich. Arrangements by John Psathas. Performed in the Auckland Town Hall on July 13th 2008. Song List; Karanga, The Seed, Frolick, Holy Ground, Little Bird (&reprise), Nature of Man, Corrupt Demeanour, Where We Get Born, Pendulum, War, Jimi. Doco produced by Sticky Pictures. In three parts:



Working with the New Zealand String Quartet on Kartsigar

A documentary by Keith Hill which captures the recording of Kartsigar by Steve Garden of Rattle Records. I talk about the genesis of the piece that came from transcribing Manos Achalinotopoulos' s original recording of Taximi Kartsigar.



Beop Gravy

I was asked to offer some expert opinion on the instruments used by trans-dimensional rockers, the Beop



Rocked The Nation

Excerpt from Rocked the Nation episode 3. Interview about Athens 2004.



Advice For Composers On Getting Started

A discussion about where to start, loving what you write and being inspired when it comes to composing.




Tips For Rehearsing New Works

Insights on rehearsing new works



Interview "Corybas" John Psathas

Thoughts on my piano trio for the New Zealand Chamber Soloists



Interview "Pounamu" John Psathas

A discussion about my collaborative work "Pounamu" composed with Warren Maxwell.



Discussion/Interview on Talk Talk

My appearance on Talk Talk with Finlay MacDonald. Includes a performance of "His Second Time" by Stephen de Pledge