Mentacide - for solo snare drum, now available

The Dynamic Snare

is now published and available from Pocket Publications. Along with my new work “Mentacide” for solo snare drum and electronics, it includes new works by Andy Akiho, Timo Andres, Ted Atkatz, Casey Cangelosi, Michael Eagle, Larnell Lewis, Paul Rennick, Shaun Tilberg, and Joseph Tomkins. It’s an incredible collection.

Check it out here -

Listen to Mentacide here;

Created, edited, and produced by Shaun Tilberg, who says;

“One of the defining moments of my early musical education was the discovery of Stuart Saunders Smith’s compilation of solos for the snare drum, The Noble Snare.  In my mind, it almost single-handedly validated the long-maligned snare drum as a bonified musical instrument.  Here were solos, by highly reputable composers, written for nothing more than a solo snare drummer.  And the solos were (are) fantastic!  Notation, experimentation and extended techniques on the drum all took a gigantic leap forward with the publication of those four volumes.  The Dynamic Snare humbly aims to continue that progression. 

The more I obsessed over this publication, and as the final roster of composers was confirmed, I realized there was an opportunity to help separate The Dynamic Snare from The Noble Snare further than just the 30 years of time.  Nearly every composer on my list was well-versed in electronic music, or tape in some form, and quite a few of them were highly skilled in the media.  And so, The Dynamic Snare was opened to -and even encouraged the use of- a single ‘electronic element.’  The interpretation of that clause was left to the individual composer.”

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